Beastly Coprimes


Example of how to use Web Workers on the browser and take advantage of parallel computing. For the sake of demonstration, a simple algorithm to compute coprime numbers is presented. Specifically, we need to find all coprime numbers from 1 to 1x10^6 such that added together sum the number of the beast (666).

To compute the coprime numbers, I use an algorithm called Euclid’s algorithm. For each number , the evaluation of is done and if it holds, such number is added to the final result.

# Run Sequential Time () Parallel Time ()
1 6.80 1.26
2 6.88 1.23
3 6.74 1.22
4 6.81 1.25
5 6.83 1.25
Mean 6.81 1.24

means the runtime by executing the code using threads.

As you can see, there is a great improvement on the execution time. The parallel version works almost 5.5x times faster than the sequential version.


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